The Red Fox Makeup Academy to host “Makeup Masterclass by Lucia

New Delhi’s Makeup scene, as well as the local Makeup industry are really
on the rise, with many talented local professionals starting to gain a great
reputation throughout the world. Institutions such as The Red Fox
Makeup Academy are the key to cultivating amazing Delhi Makeup
Artists. The school is often hailed as the best makeup academy in the
region, and it offers a really incredible range of comprehensive makeup
courses, as well as an airbrush course.
In addition to the high educational standards of this institution, student
will also be able to enjoy guest teachers and masterclasses. For example,
the academy has recently announced that it will be hosting a new
masterclass by Lucia Pittalis, a top Italian makeup artist.
Hailing from Rome, Italy’s charming capital city, Lucia has a truly
enviable background. Throughout the span of her remarkable career, she
had the chance to work in a wide variety of situations – from theatre
stages to cinema, and more. For this reason, she is actually a true expert
when it comes to character transformation…which will be the main focus
of this particular class! In addition to exploring the techniques of character
transformation, Lucia Pittalis will also be discussing and sharing some of
her favorite makeup techniques, tips and secrets. This is undoubtedly
going to be an amazing opportunity for any aspiring makeup artist looking
to kickstart his or her career.
Lucia Pittalis will host her makeup masterclass in New Delhi on October
7th, 2018.
For Booking for information contact 9773776141 OR
Visit http://theredfox.in/masterclass



Outfit Ideas for this Valentine !!

Not sure what to wear this valentine’s day?

Celebrate this day of love while looking & feeling your best.
I’m so excited to share the perfect pink dress for valentines.
This was such a fun dressing room dilemma to shoot & try & decide.
So here I’ve put together an adorable day to night look for Valentine’s day..
Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to put on a cute outfit and hit the town.
whether you’re going out on a romantic date with Bae or celebrating the love with your girlfriends.
This comfy Valentine’s Day outfit is perfect if you’re planning on hiking & spending the day outdoor or a dinner date at some open terrace lounge/cafe.

I’ve paired up my grey comfy overcoat with leather pants and my favourite metallic bootz to give it a perfect Valentine day comfy look..
Whether you’re single or in a relationship .I hope everyone has a fantastic valentine’s day and feels LOVED!!